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Payment Plugin for QuickBooks®

Credit Card Processing with the GoEmerchant Payment Plugin for QuickBooks® allows business owners to process credit card payments within QuickBooks quickly and easily.

QuickBooks users will save time by authorizing credit card payments from within QuickBooks and eliminating the need to enter credit card transaction data into a POS device or Virtual Terminal and again later to update QuickBooks.

goEmerchant Merchant Account Services will save you money with competitive discount rates, low transaction fees, and no hidden costs.

Powerful Features of the New Payment Plugin for QuickBooks:

.Process Credit Card Payments within Your QuickBooks Interface
.Eliminate Double Entry of Data
.Process Manually-Keyed and Card-Swiped Transactions
.Supports Card Swipe Readers for Card Present Transactions Process Sales Voids and Returns
.Process Recurring Payments
.Process Level II Transactions
.Use QuickBooks Sales Receipts, Receive Payments, and Credit Memos
.Remind Me Later Feature to Queue Invoices for Later Payment
.Group Payment Option
.Utilizes our Secure Payment Gateway Fraud Profiling and Address Verification Services (AVS)
.Lower Merchant Account Discount Fees
.Real-time Transaction Reporting
.Superior US Based Customer Service


U.S. version of QuickBooks 2004 or Later Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Editions. Does not support QuickBooks POS. Microsoft Windows PC that meets the QuickBooks minimum system requirements. Internet connectivity (if using an Internet-capable payment processor.)

QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit, Inc. in the United States and other countries. GoEmerchant Payment Plugin is designed for use with QuickBooks Professional (U.S. version) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, QuickBooks Premier (U.S. version) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, Enterprise (U.S. version) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 software only.

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Remote Deposit Capture

The Simplest, Fastest way to Deposit Checks.
Make Deposits at Your Desk and Eliminate Trips to the Bank.
The Best Solution for Depositing Checks Remotely.

It's no secret that depositing checks right from your desktop is the hottest banking service since the ATM. A web-based remote deposit capture system specifically designed to meet your needs - you'll save money, save time, and have access to your money a lot sooner.


Funds Availability 100%
Collected Funds vs Uncollected Funds for Manual Bank Deposits

Out of State Checks
100% Next Business Day vs 5 Day Average for Manual Bank Deposits

Intrastate Checks 100%
Next Business Day vs 3 Day Average for Manual Bank Deposits

Later Deposit Deadline
8PM EST vs 3PM Local Time for Manual Bank Deposits

Reduced NSF Returns
Average of only 0.5% vs an average of 1.5% for Manual Bank Deposits

Labor & Cost Efficiency
100% in office at desk vs driving to the bank and waiting in line

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

About goEmerchant.com

goEmerchant.com is the Internet's only vertically and horizontally integrated provider of ecommerce solutions targeted to small and medium size businesses as well as the leading provider of ecommerce enabled and transacting web sites on the Internet today.

Our History.

EVS Holding Company, Inc. ("goEmerchant.com" or "the Company"), was founded in 1995 in the basement of a five and dime. Our goal was to develop an Internet storefront with transaction technologies marketed to small and medium sized merchants.

goEmerchant.com's founders believed there was a "merchant need" for an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use Internet store building and online transaction producing system. The envisioned system would minimize the merchants required knowledge of computer hardware, software, and programming. Instead of selling the software, goEmerchant.com made a strategic choice to license this technology as an affordable monthly service and compete in the ecommerce market place as the low-cost, high volume provider.

Providing such a product dictated the integration of three separate businesses into one company: the ecommerce solutions business, the payment gateway/payment network business and the merchant service business.
In early 1999, our dream became a reality!

goEMerchant.com Today.

Today, goEmerchant.com provides more than a mere storefront from which merchants can sell their goods and services on-line. The "Ecommerce Total Package" is a complete Internet sales and marketing solution -- unlike any other offered on the web.

With the introduction of the "Ecommerce Total Package" goEMerchant created a product which levels the playing field for online sales by servicing both techno-savvy and techno-phobic business owners.

Some Facts:

goEmerchant currently serves several thousand live processing merchants.

goEmerchant is partially funded by it's Venture Partners:
Blue Chip Venture Capital
Keystone Venture Capital

Available to U.S. based businesses only.